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Incredible work!, Realistic “【獎勵活動】七夕情人節 跟哪位AI女友幽會?” Ai Images showcasing the maestro’s artistic brilliance from a special perspective. The attention to detail by the creator is impressive, beautifully capturing each part of the subject. The composition is exquisitely arranged, permitting the viewer to appreciate the subject’s beauty without feeling bombarded. It remains harmonious and enchanting despite the seemingly copious elements depicted. The artist’s skill to depict such richness in their work truly makes this painting a tour de force to admire.

Title (1).png

This week ushers in the romantic Qixi Festival, very sour question, do you have a date? If you have, then congratulations, hurry up and arrange a date schedule, if not, it’s okay, the AI ​​photo version is full of girlfriends for you, pick one to take home for the night~[Activity method]Reply on the event page, you can get Reward! Re: Which AI girlfriend would you most like to date on Valentine’s Day? (Picture + AI photo version link)[Event Date]August 22, 2023 ~ August 29, 2023 12:00[Reward]
Ancient Silver Coins X2 Selected Ore X1 【Remarks】 1. The works should conform to the theme of the event, involving, slander, personal attacks, dew points, political issues and indecent works are prohibited. 2. One account is limited to one floor, and it is not allowed to publish meaningless content and copy other people’s works to participate in the competition.


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